Amadeo S System

Sistemas compactos de brazos en U para espacios reducidos



The U-arm X-ray system Amadeo S is a universal support stand with mobile patient positioning table (optional). The special cross arm and a long vertical travel range allow images to be taken while the patient is standing, sitting or lying down. The ergonomic handles of the U-arm X-ray system allow the device to be moved and turned safely with only one hand. With the stand, a maximum central beam height of 170 cm and a minimum of 27 cm above the ground can be approached. The Amadeo S can optionally be supplied with a height-adjustable Z-arm for lateral images when the patient is lying down.

The dicomPACS®DX-R control panel operates the entire X-ray system. A powder-coated surface protects the unit from surface abrasions and makes it easy to clean. With the ergonomic handles, the device can be moved and rotated with one hand only. All movements are slowed down electromagnetically. The Amadeo S is completely counterbalanced and extremely smooth and quiet thanks to the roller guide.